Day 2

Sorry, I haven’t written on this in forever, I totally forgot about it!  @-@  Anyways, I just mastered my Shoot The Duck, so I wanted to give you some advice for it.

  1.  I started doing it by grabbing my skate first before going down into the shoot the duck position. It might be easier for you to go down into the position first, but that’s just how I did it.

2.  Whatever you do, don’t lean forward.  That’s the worst possible thing you can do.

3.  Try to lift up your outward left as high as possible.  When I started practicing it, the back of my blade would accidentally hit the ice, causing me to either slow down or fall all the way down _o_

4. Don’t go too fast when you take off.  If you go to fast, you could fall really hard.


Day 1

Hello! You probably have no idea what this is, but it’s a blog of a figure skater’s life, MINE!!! 😀